Our Process 


We conduct rigorous analysis of individual positions with a focus on underlying credit characteristics, business fundamentals and specific catalysts. We strictly adhere to a disciplined pricing approach that maintains a "buyer's market" mentality. In addition, we look to utilize our network to provide access to limited distribution and "below the radar" investments.



Special Situations CRedits

These investments are made in undervalued portfolios and businesses based upon fundamental credit analysis with specific attention to free cash flow and hard assets.  Armondale retains the flexibility to pursue both large and small capitalization opportunities.

The most important thing is to define your goals

What Really Matters

Armondale Ventures, LLC has well over 25 years of industry experience. 

About Us

Armondale Ventures, LLC are risk management leaders with expertise managing complex credit risk and operational risk strategies for distressed debt and special situation credit portfolios.   

We have demonstrated results of improving credit recovery performance indicators and compliance metrics, through financial modeling and alaysis, credit restructuring, turnaround and workout strategies.

Armondale are leaders in process improvement and efficiency management processes. 

  • We invest and buy trade credits.
  • We help companies develop restructuring and turnaround strategies. 


Armondale Ventures, LLC

Credit Risk Leaders