Our Services

Armondale Ventures, LLC provides meaningfully differentiated exposure both in traditional corporate stressed and distressed opportunities and through our historically uncorrelated portfolio of liquidations and litigations. Our size allows us to be discriminating credit pickers of both middle market and small capitalization investment opportunities. Our disciplined approach to asset growth enables us to maximize position and portfolio liquidity by effectively managing position size. Capital preservation is a prime objective for the firm and the portfolio does not utilize leverage.  

Armondale Ventures, LLC invest in trade claims of numerous types from creditors in distressed situations, and include:

  • General unsecured claims
  • Credit Card Receivables
  • Priority claims
  • Administrative claims (i.e. §503(b)(9) claims)
  • Contract and Lease rejection claims
  • Promissory notes
  • "Seller notes"
  • Bank debt
  • Secured claims
  • Mechanics lien claims
  • Litigation judgments

Armondale Ventures, LLC provides liquidity for trade claim creditors by paying cash up front. When buying trade claims, Armondale acts only as a principal. When you deal with us, you know you are speaking directly to the buyer with the money and decision-making authority, not a broker who is looking to make a commission by finding someone else to buy the claim. As a result, we are able to purchase both mid-size and small claims. Moreover, our reputation within the industry for integrity and honesty is a priority for us in all of our business dealings.

Put simply, we do exactly what we say we are going to do.  

If you would like to get further information, please contact Anderson Livingston at (203) 542-2853 or by email at alivingston@armondale.com